Editorial workflow for cross platform publishing

Content & Workflow can work with you to analyse and optimise your workflow. We are a partner of WoodWing, the world leader in publishing systems, and can implement the Enterprise solution.

The benefits of WoodWing Enterprise to your business:


In Enterprise, all text, photos, videos and background materials of a story are kept together in dossiers.

This helps to manage the story while it develops from inception to publication, and also keeps everyone involved up-to-date.


One editor, many channels

With a clear separation between content and publication channels, there is no more need for separate print and online teams.

Editors can focus on content, and finally regain full control over all publishing channels, enabling them to define the most effective content mix for each channel.


Medium neutral

In Enterprise, all content you create is stored independent from the output medium. Content can be used for your print, Web, tablet or e-mail publications.

Just select a channel and publish! Other benefits of this approach include easy searching and future repurposing of specific content.


A single user-interface

Using Content Station, everyone accesses everything from the same interface. It allows all team members to participate in planning, searching, creating, managing and publishing dossiers to various output channels.

No switching between different applications.


Easily access external content

Content Station takes care of all your external content sources.

Feeds, archives, websites, databases and servers can all be accessed and searched from the same application. 


Monetize channels

To attract more readers you may need the speed of Twitter or the interactivity of an iPad publication. Engage more visitors with a mobile version of your website.

Exploit every channel to its full potential. WoodWing Enterprise makes it incredibly easy to add or expand publishing channels.



In the blink of an eye the world has moved from print to online and mobile devices. Therefore it is important to have a practical but future-proof publishing system.

It’s easy to add new channels for publishers - even before their readers have heard of them - using Enterprise’s flexible server plug-in mechanism. 

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