WoodWing Enterprise 8.1


WoodWing has announced the next major point release for Enterprise, version 8.1. Read the press release.

Important new features:

    • Visual mode. The multi-channel text editor has been extended with a visual mode which renders the text formatting directly in the editor.
    • Snapshot animation. DPS users can now install a new version of the animation widget to directly animate page items on the layout, without having to convert them into separate files. This new widget only works on Enterprise 8.1 and higher
    • Improved support for alternate layouts
    • Dossier panel in Smart Connection. A new panel in InDesign shows all files in the Dossier that is related to the current layout
    • Drag and drop from Content Station. Content Station users can now place files on an InDesign layout directly from Content Station, by drag and drop. Please note that due to a problem in InDesign this currently only works on Windows.
    • Windows support for InDesignServer CS6 with 64-bit SmartConnection client.