Data publishing and InDesign automation with 65bit Software


Content & Workflow is proud to announce a new partnership with 65bit Software.

As a reseller for Australia, we can provide the complete range of 65bit Software. The flagship product is EasyCatalog , an InDesign plug-in that connects your layout with a database to incorporate variable data into your design.

Content & Workflow can implement Easy Catalog with the supplementary ODBC and scripting modules to automate page creation. Design your templates and add data to generate catalogues and directories.

Integration of Easy Catalog with InDesign Server enables high page volumes and on-demand document creation.

WoodWing Enterprise 8.2

WoodWing has announced the release of Enterprise 8.2.0 with updates of Enterprise Server, Smart Connection and Content Station.

The main new features for Smart Connection are:

  • Placing excel files
  • Updates in the elements panel
  • On page adornment
  • Moved Smart Connection context menu items to first level
  • Separate flag column

The main new features for Content Station are:

  • Native / system menu
  • Improved shortkey handling
  • UI improvements to show the active selection
  • Support for retina displays on Mac OSX